S M Ahaduzzaman



I started my journey in the ICT sector with little experience of working on more than fifty projects and a sweet dream. Looking for an opportunity to prove my skills as a new developer. I have mastered the MERN Stack. Prefer to work most likely and easily in this stack. Side by side I am also skilled in Typescript, Next Js, Redux, PHP, Laravel, WordPress Customization, and theme development with Digital Marketing.

I’m able to meet the requirements of clients as the Web Developer. Looking for an opportunity to prove my skills as a new developer. I want to reveal myself through my skills in teamwork when given the opportunity.


2020 - 2022

Framer Designer & Developer

Project Bullding Exp

I am well-equipped to create and enhance web applications with a strong foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as proficiency in popular web development tools like React JS, Bootstrap, and Tailwind CSS. My experience enables me to develop user friendly, responsive, and visually appealing websites and web applications.

2022 - 2023

Full Stack Web Developer

Project Building Exp

My skill set encompasses a wide array of web development technologies, ranging from frontend technologies like React, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to backend tools like PHP, Laravel, and databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL. I also have experience in modern web development with Next.js, TypeScript, and Redux, ensuring the creation of robust and scalable web applications


1999 - 2003

Bachelor of Science

National University

A Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics is an academic achievement that signifies a strong foundation in mathematical principles and problem-solving skills. This program equips graduates with a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, from algebra and calculus to advanced topics such as statistics, linear algebra, and abstract mathematics. 

Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics often possess strong analytical and critical thinking abilities, which can be applied to a wide range of fields, including science, engineering, finance, data analysis, and computer programming. This degree serves as a valuable stepping stone for further education or a variety of career paths that require quantitative and logical reasoning, making it a versatile and highly respected credential in today’s knowledge-driven world.

2022 - 2023

Graduate in Programming

Programming Hero, Ostad Ltd and Instructory

A degree in programming from Programming Hero, Ostad Ltd, and Instractory IT Tech Industry in Bangladesh represents a comprehensive education in the world of software development and computer programming. These organizations are renowned for their commitment to providing top-quality programming education. Upon completing this degree program, graduates are well-prepared for a successful career in programming and software development.

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Frontend Project Building


Express and Moongose

Backend & Database


React JS

Any Frontend Project


Redux Toolkit

State Management


SQL & MySql

Backend Management



Backend Project Building



Web Application with Blade



Fast Project Building


Next JS

Non enim praesent



Type Management


14 May 2023

Black Belt

Programming Hero

26 June 2023

Pro Status

Ostad Ltd.